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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Play List November 27, 2010

Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriques / Let's Leave This Town / Let's Leave This Town
Marty Stuart / Busy Bee Cafe / Busy Bee Cafe
Dale Watson / Hey Brown Bottle / Carryin' On
Commander Cody / Rock That Boogie / Hot To Trot
Flying Burrito Bros / Christine's Tune / Hot Burritos
Mike Cross / The Lord'll Provide / The Bounty Hunter
Gillian Welch / Red Clay Halo / Time The Revelator
John Prine / You Got Gold / The Missing Years
Martha Scanlin / Little Bird In Heaven
Merle Haggard & Carl Jackson / Must You Throw Dirt In My Face / Livin Lovin Losin
Patty Loveless & Jon Randal / Are You Teasing Me / Livin Lovin Losin
Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell / My Baby's Gone / Livin Lovin Losin
Sarah Jarosz / Grandma's Hands
Tim OBrien / Mother Mary / Chicken & Egg
Iris Dement / Our Town / Infamous Angel
Gary P Nunn / Tennessee Road / Home With The Armodillo
Amy Garland / Favorite One / Plays Well With Others


  1. It really hurts me when I miss one of your shows, Flap. There's an unquenchable void only the auditory revelation of your selections --not to mention flawless segues-- can fill.

    Are you going to archive soon? Please?

    Long-time listener, living for the past 11 years in Northwest Oregon

  2. Thanks! Archiving is up to the station. They archive some shows, maybe that is in the future!